Censoring is evil, it’s that simple. I’m right, you’re wrong, and I will cut your tongue out to prove it! The hypocrisy of censoring one group over another is as stark of a contrast as good vs evil(no longer relevant today) or day and night(this may change too). Twitter, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon are using Section 230 as a get out of jail free card to discriminate against those with whom they disagree. If you think what they are doing is okay, ask yourself if they would have gotten away with this crap twenty years ago. Why not? Because it’s wrong on every level and we all know it.

Conservatism: A sub-human species

Other companies are becoming emboldened to also behave like Nazis where conservatives are less than human and must be removed from society and whatever it takes is acceptable. They must be deprogramed per Katie Couric (Sick Gulag-ing Commie. China much Katie?). Now banks and other companies are jumping onboard. They are all going to regret this path for a large number of reasons that I’m not going to produce a full list for brevity.

Is it bad to persecute conservatives?

  • What kind of workers tend to be conservative?
    • Farmers
    • Truckers
    • Construction Workers
    • Machinists
    • Welders
    • (All skilled labor jobs)
    • The majority of Small Business Owners
    • Truckers
    • Did I mention Farmers?

Are they all conservatives? No, but the majority is. Why? Many reasons, one being that they don’t ascribe to the corporate Leftist mindset of, “You owe me something”. They know that being self sufficient has a high level of gratification. But not just skilled labor though. But people who run small businesses and work for small businesses, so they know how to build, manage, organize, and create. The other group of Leftists is in a self contained bubble of imaginary intellect. It’s not real; at least not a viable use of knowledge to produce a civilization from. If the conservatives were to withdraw from being a part of productive society, that society must necessarily collapse. Don’t believe me?

  1. Detroit, MI (Detroit crimes per square mile = 300) Ooof!
  2. Memphis, TN
  3. Birmingham, AL
  4. Baltimore, MD
  5. Flint, MI

All Democrat run and they suck. You’re more likely to suffer a violent crime by a long shot than die from the Wuhan Virus there.

There will be a second economy

It may take a decade to get there, but you can bet your life there will be a secondary conservative’s economy that will begin to thrive and take business away from the morons that think they can censor you into submission. Conservatives don’t work like that. We fight back. The patriots that founded the nation were mostly conservatives if not all. If you were not, you were probably a British Tory sympathizer.

So who really are the modern day Nazi’s?

Some of you may cringe at my Nazi reference. Yeah, I usually cringe when it’s used also. The Left tosses it around like clown candy, however, the shoe fits. Don’t believe me, search for “trump student beaten” or “trump supporter beaten”, on anything but Google. Aw, go ahead and use them, even they can’t snuff it out but they do try. It’s a sickness of the Left that they don’t even know they have or refuse to acknowledge. Evil never seems to know it is evil.

Morally, it is bad to persecute anyone, even and especially sinners. But to persecute a group of people because they simply want government out of their lives because they feel that they can be a better steward of self than a bureaucratic robber baron is the worst ever. I know, it goes way deeper than that, but conservatism is not a societally destructive ideology. Leftism has never built anything sustainable anywhere.

  • Nazi Germany
  • Russia
  • East Germany
  • North Korea (Will collapse, has already really)
  • Venezuela (Toasted)
  • Vietnam (Had to adopt Capitalism to survive)
  • China (A totalitarians blend of capitalism that will eventually fail)

I’m sure I missed something, but this is enough that you Leftists ought to question your motives just a little.

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Coming soon: Are you a Nazi? And, How to Spot Evil