Oh how I thrill that (Hack) Fact Checkers exist to save my soul. Can we take a closer look at this and bathe in the honesty of USA Today? (Sarcasm) No really, can we get intellectually serious here?

Before we continue, why is the Left against lowering drug costs anyhow?

First and foremost, it’s a complete Strawman statement. It isn’t a delay that anyone is suggesting or even talking about, it’s about the undoing of the Trump Executive Order entirely.

From USA Today

SEE NOTES: (in parenthesis)

Our ruling: Missing context
We rate this claim about the Biden administration’s action to be MISSING CONTEXT, based on our research. Some patients (No specific number or percentage given here) who use insulin and EpiPens — the fraction (What fraction?) who are served by federally qualified health centers — may (Ah, now we are getting somewhere. “MAY”, that word they use when they have ZERO facts. Read the article and it is so, all speculative drivel) benefit from Trump’s order, but others could (“COULD”, that other speculative BS word that is favored by the MSM. Means they don’t know.) suffer if it results in decreased access for the centers to the 340B drug discount program (No evidence that the 340B program has ever been hindered). Also, the freeze through March 22 does not represent final action on the program, so it’s premature to call it a “reversal.”
(“the freeze through March 22 does not represent final action” That’s like saying, “The finger has not yet poked the eye”. News flash! Biden’s Executive Order ends the program that Trump’s Executive Order created. Got it?)

This F-Checking is a distraction. It’s like sending the the Fire Department in the opposite direction of the burning building and nine times out of nine, the opposite of the F-Checker premise is true.

Looking at the references in “Our fact-check sources:”, they are consistently the same type of articles as the F-Check. Also, many of the reference articles were published immediately after the Trump Executive Order was signed which means they can only be based on assumptions anyhow. Some are

  • Some links are purely informational from government sites. Not much to see. Also some procedural legalese. One is that Biden delayed implementation, He’s gonna’ kill it.
  • Bloomberg – (Also talks about things that need further explanations, but fails to do so, and so much speculation. It’s impossible to draw a conclusion from this piece.)
  • Kaiser Health News – “multiple experts told us it’s unlikely the measures would pass along drug-pricing discounts to a majority of Americans”
    (What experts? This organization is highly suspect to begin with due to their many, many, dirty dealings that are publicly known.)
  • nachc.org – More speculation and I’ll say it for them, “Trump was cutting into our Democrat destined markup drug money.” That’s my speculation.
  • POLITIFACT.GORGON – Yes, Gorgon. Dang, what a monster they are, and run by Chinese CCP money. That’s right! Poynter Institute gets funded by China.
    Strawman = “This is complicated, but there is no evidence that drug prices were raised due to any actions Biden has taken so far.” (What this really means is, we haven’t seen the dam, dam, damage yet.)
    Next = “The 340B drug program allows community health centers to pocket profits from the sale of discounted drugs to patients.” (And this is the part I mentioned before. “Trump was cutting into our Democrat destined markup drug money.”)
  • About the Health Center Program | Bureau of Primary Health Care (hrsa.gov)
    (Resource stuffing. Has ZERO relevancy to the argument or the lack thereof, but hey, another link similar in uselessness to the first ones makes the page look good.)
  • Diabetes Symptoms, Causes, & Treatment | ADA
    (These are one of the guys that promoted Obamacare. I used to raise money for these guys until they did that and I started finding out that they have no real interest in curing Diabetes. If there’s a cure, they die. Can’t have that. And again, ZERO relevancy.)
  • Anaphylaxis in America | AAFA.org (More ZERO relevancy)
  • Rep. Axne Leads Fight Against Increasing Costs on Insulin and Epinephrine | Representative Cynthia Axne (house.gov)
    (A month and a half later she received that same talking points as the other useful idiots. I’ll translate her words for you, “Stop blocking our DNC funnel money, you know, like Planned Parenthood.”)

And there you have it!

What the MSM might want to ask is “What benefits are businesses getting from the 340B discount and what politicians are benefitting through all of that?” Like nachc.org.

When none of this speculation proves to be true, will USA Today retract this? Not only no, but hell no!