How It Begins

  1. Mass isolation of large groups of people.
    1. The more the collective forms, the more isolated the individual becomes.
    2. Paranoia sets in and trust is destroyed.
  2. Experiencing a lack of meaning or purpose.
    1. Any purpose becomes better than none.
  3. Free flowing anxiety with no understanding of the cause in large percentage of society.
    1. This will exist prior to the crisis but worsen in the crisis.
      (Can be measured somewhat by the number of antidepressants prescribed)
    2. Creates a sensitivity to ease of manipulation.
  4. Free flowing fear, frustration, and anger.
  5. A narrative distributed through media which creates a direction for the feelings in items 3 and 4 to flow toward.
    1. Propaganda is needed to help create and/or direct the fear, frustration, or anger. The first group buys into the narrative no matter how absurd. They have a belief system and community bond that can’t be broken.
    2. They participate in ritualistic behavior.
    3. Self-sacrifice for the “Greater Good” no matter how absurd.
    4. Field of attention narrows to specific issues.
    5. No psychological recognition of moralities that are clearly in opposition to the narrative.
    6. Radical, mindless loyalty to their leaders or the State.
    7. They are willing to commit atrocities to protect, justify, or elevate the group.

Both the leader/leaders and the majority of people are in the grip of hypnoses or to a degree, a belief in things that aren’t real or can’t work.


  1. First group is 30% of the population. They quickly adopt the narrative and become the new collective.
  2. Group 1 convinces the second group of 30 to 40%, that they should join and go along with the narrative.
  3. The third group of 25% to 30% cannot be hypnotized by any of these conditions and will not participate unless forced to do so.

This hypnotized group eliminates everything they see as a threat to their illusion.


They need a scapegoat to keep the formation from collapsing.

Historical Scapegoats:

  1. Typhus carrying Jews
  2. Wealthy Jews
  3. Outdated thinking of society or the elderly
  4. The Man

Current Scapegoats are:

  1. The unvaccinated
  2. Conservatives
  3. Anyone who disputes the woke narratives
  4. Police
  5. Christians
  6. Whites (This will lose power due to the population being mostly white)


  1. Make real in-person connections. (Not via technology)
    1. Small circles of friends. (A dozen or so)
    2. These circles combine with like-minded circles to form a network of rational society.
  2. Assure these friends that they are not alone, they are not crazy, and they can win this.
  3. Publicly resist in the manner of Dr. King through non-violent civil disobedience.
  4. The old normal caused the formation so you cannot go back to it. You cannot publicly call for a return.
    1. You privately form a society of new norms and agreement based on sane moralities and individual sovereignty.
  5. The collective begins to become integrated again to society, we hope.

Matias Desmet Info – Mentally Project (

Photo by Flow Clark on Unsplash